Sunday, April 16, 2006

Immigration Impact

Cost of Illegal Immigration May Be Less Than Meets the Eye
Published: April 16, 2006

This is a good Review of some Studies on the impact of Immigration on Income levels in this Country. This Author will say that the assumption that Immigration propelled Industry to invest more Capital is somewhat improbable; Borjas and Katz might overestimate the potential of Labor cadres to promote Investment. The greatest impetus to Investment is the availability of financial assets. Investment Capital generates its own Investment opprotunity, because the Controllers of financial Capital will not let the funds sit idle.

I do not believe Immigration has much impact on Income--even among the Lowest in Income. There is little incentive to obtain low-paying Jobs among American Workers. Jobs will simply not be taken, if they will not provide a sustainable lifestyle. American business simply refuses to provide a Living Wage. The current Drive to enhance Profits has generated the loss if Income at the lower levels, not Immigrants willing to work for such Wages. A Study should be conducted on the spread of Business Profits since 1960, noting its percentage increases, and where these funds have been derived. lgl

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t11s said...

Labor's share of National Income has been between 64% and 68% since the 1970's.

It goes up and down due to the business cycle (higher profits drive greater return to capital, smaller profits drive less return to capital).

On the other hand, employee total compensation tracks very closely with employee productivity: