Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Fed and Inflation

The price of Oil hit $72/barrel in London, and over $71/barrel in New York; by the way, you can't legitimately eliminate Price increases from Core Inflation, if such increases has been consistent for over a Year in duration. Construction Contracts were down severely, which will cut down on American Energy consumption; but with corresponding greater loss of purchasing power for Households. Wells-Fargo, one of my own bankers, reported a $2 billion Quarter though the Mortgage sector performed less than expected. This first means Banking Charges are becoming excessive, second, Businesses have to be borrowing more for Operating Capital, and third, $5.021 billion in Operating Expenses for a Bank is ridiculous. Food prices are also jumping, especially Eggs and Fish--both heavy Energy consumers. How many overactive Products can the Fed cut from Core Inflation, before We see a rise in it?

The only stable Price schedule are those for Retail Finished Goods, and even These are online for a 5% Inflation rate if the trend continues. There is not the slightest indication that rising Interest rates have any impact at all upon this inflationary trend. What is the worst push for this Inflation other than Oil? Government Spending--flat and simple! lgl


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