Thursday, April 27, 2006

Less than Conservative

Tyler Cowan at MR today mentioned a Survey of Conservatives listing what they believed were the Ten Worst Programs or Policies of the U.S. Government. This Author tried to get through to the Link provided, but somewhere a cliche--don't you just love Computers--and could only read Tyler's own curtailed list. I decided there should be a Survey from the Peanut Gallery (Anyone making less than a 6-figure Income), then determined to supply only my own sentiments. So here it is, and it might not equal Ten in completion.

1) The lack of inadequate Taxation. Throughout the Period of the Tax Cuts, there has been little real Investment opprotunity with Manufacturing in decline, Offshoring on the increase, and more than sufficient Retail outlets. The lack of Taxation drove Land prices up, devoted an extreme amount of resources to residential housing, overpriced this housing, and produced an oversupply of Retail outlets--cutting their Profit margins. The amount of Financial paper has ballooned (the Author considers Stocks among these), and excess liquid Funds have made Speculation rampant. There was an accumulation of Public Debt of which almost $2 trillion was neither necessary or desirable.

2) The lack of Development of an efficient Public Health Care System. Medicade is draining the Trust Fund and Taxpayer Pockets at all Three levels of Government. Medicare will soon begin to drain the Trust Fund. Millions of Americans are unInsured, and Emergency Room Care is draining the Budgets of Local and State Governments. Anything could help this drain on American resources, except possibly for Proscription D. The multiplicity of Medical programs need to be replaced by a simple, straightward, basic health care program open to Everyone. A Sample law which could be used would state all Procedures used by the field of Medicine for over Ten years, can only increase in Price at a Rate no higher than the Rate of Inflation overall in the Economy. The failure of Government to provide adequate Health Care policy has led to the rapid Health Care Cost increases, alongside far-in-excess Profits ratios in the Drug industry.

3) The usage of Consultants in Government. Any examination of Consultant fees will state they are vastly overpriced in all sectors of the Economy, but more so in Government than anywhere else. There is no criterea in use to adjudge the capability of Consultants--no one has ever advanced any qualification testing or rating. This Author would like to see a Constitutional Amendment passed which stated no Government agency can pay any Consultant fees to Anyone except another Government agency. The amendment would force Government agencies to employ the necessary labor, and to farm them out for Profit under conditions of their underemployment.

This Author might include other elements in following days, but the Readers if any, might be getting tired by this point. lgl

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