Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Perjury of Thought

The title of this Post may seem strange to Some, but it highlights a Trend currently evident across a broad spectrum of economic and political discussion: the use of argument which are inherently flawed for the purpose of Convention, and to avoid the implications of genuine analysis. Bush still talks of turning the Corner in Iraq, when he has daily evidence of increased Violence, Death tolls, and American Casualties; knowing real discussion would outline the Policy failures of Iraq investiture. Health Insurance companies are still hawking Proscription D along with the Politicians, both doing so only for the premium money; All understanding there must be reform else there will be nonpayment to Insured, destitution of the Social Security Funds, or higher Deficits and Taxes. The current Trend of the WTO is to discriminate against the U.S., then outvote Us; while Economic and Political leadership still extol Free Trade which is practiced by no member of the WTO. The list of such Perjuries are endless, often defending Positions proven valueless decades ago.

The price of Gasoline is passing $3/gallon slowly, but will probably be accomplished everywhere by the May Graduations; it all generated by the Speculators, who do not broadcast that overall Oil consumption is down Worldwide, or signify current levels of Oil production will meet Demand throughout the Year. They also do not mention that the Iranian President could not cut Iran's Oil production without denuding his own agenda of funds.

Iraq and Afghanistan get upscale Reportage by Governmental official, Politician, and Journalist; this Author suggests his Readers view the movie 'Black Hawk Down', for conditions are nearly identical in many areas of Iraq, and American troops are back to fighting a War with the Taliban in some sections of Afghanistan. American Casualties are on the increase in both areas, while Violence is escalating in both Nations plus Pakistan. This Author is tiring of the official lines. lgl

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