Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Public Health Care
New Study Finds Lifetime Costs of Injuries in Billions; Costs Associated with a Year Top $406 billion
Press Release

The lifetime cost of injuries occurring in a single year in the United States totals an estimated $406 billion in medical expenses and productivity losses (including lost wages, fringe benefits, and ability to perform normal household responsibilities)- according to new findings released today by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

What does the Above Statement tell Us if it is correct? The first conponent remains the Multiplier: One can take $406 times the number 64, which is the number of Years with the identical Costs before Medical Expenses will blend out effects of such Injuries; basically, through the attrition of Death or other deadly medical ailment supercedence. The second conponent insists that the serialized Total must also be graced with an increase of Medical Expense Inflation; under current Trend, somewhere between 8-14% per year. This Outlook may seem horrid, but it is probably the least expensive of modern Medical treatments.

The Question need be asked: Can Medicine afford Private Enterprise?

The Profit Motive affects every aspect of Medical Health treatments; suspected by this Author to cost 27% of overall Medical treatment and 42% of Cost of Drug availability, due to repetitive imposition through successive levels of Profits generation (I do not claim any real quantative evaluation of scientific scope). Still, the Author believes these would likely be the minimum level Costs of the Profit Motive in Health Care provision. It stands as an exceedingly large Cost which Medicine must currently endure, alongside the huge Cost of inflated Health Care Wages paid for Specialists; consider the Savings if Health Care Specialists were paid on the order level of Engineers, Chemists, or Car Mechanics. The Profit Motive seems great in the etheral reaches, but on-the-ground practicalities might insist such a huge industry with extreme usage by Customers need a tightly-controlled Cost environment; even if it doesn't attract the Best and the Brightest! lgl

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