Friday, April 14, 2006

Rumsfeld and the Bush Era

The Secretary of Defense has been getting Calls to resign from retired Generals, some Seven so far and likely increasing. They cite micromanagement of affairs in Iraq, sloppy Intelligence in the initial push into Iraq, and are critical of his treatment of internal Management policy. Leave it to Generals not to mention the real reasons out of National Security fears.

The United States Military has been experiencing a marked Personnel drain because of the strain of repeated Tours to Iraq and Afghanistan subjected on Troops; the most noteworthy being the resignation of Junior Officers, qualified NCOs, and a denuding of National Guard forces overall. Rumsfeld (actually George W. Bush's refusal) decision to even discuss reinstitution of the Draft forestalled any attempt to adequately provide a good distribution of Effort from Americans. Patriotism does not really last past the Third Tour. It is not actually a need to reinstate the Draft, simply a methodology to promote a massive increase in Enlistments through genuine inducements. Bush Republicans, though, did not want to reinstate something like the G.I. bill because of the Cost. They opted instead for the current policy of understaffing of military forces, with huge investment in Weaponry for the huge Corporate Profits generated. Even here, they starved Troops deployed of essential equipment, which did not generate the great Corporate Profits deriving from R&D.

There will be further problems for the Bush administration if the clamor for Rumsfeld's resignation increases. Any attempt to retain Rumsfeld will lead to the discussion of Issues outlined by myself over the long term. Replacement of Rumsfeld will create greater problems for the Bush administration, as Rumsfeld hides a great number of Sins at Defense. There has been vast payments for Services never provided, overpayment and double payment for many Services, and Cost overruns on Weapons development far beyond which the Enron Accountants would allow even in the old days. Any Republican taking over Defense would face an efficient Review in Three years by an new Administration. Anyone else would outline the debacle to maintain his or her reputation. In any and all Cases, the entire mess will come to light at least within Four years, as We have a Lame-Duck administration where Dick Cheney could never get elected to the Presidency. lgl

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