Saturday, April 29, 2006

Worst Things about Government 2

4) The Civil Service System. The System was initiated in the term of Chester Arther to prevent the political patronage of political appointees. It has since been amended drastically, and rubberstamped by the Courts to the point that any granted Concession to Labor cannot be rescinded. The Government must alter the Civil Service to reflect modern Labor practices.

5) Lack of Adequate Military Training. Familarity breeds Contempt, and common Americans need to become better acquainted with the Military. This Country has a horrid lack of Military cadres to draw upon as a Reserve. This Author favors High School ROTC where Military Drill and Designations replace PE, Military Skills classes replace Shop classes, and Basic training is mandatory in the summer between Junior and Senior Year. Instructors can be attained from Retired Career Officers and NCOs.

6) Lack of a Presiding Court on Business Malpractice. A standing Court specifically directed to curtail Business activities which injure the Rights and Property of Americans. The basic rationale here is to seperate Organized Crime by Business from Criminal and Civil Action Cases. Congressional statement such Cases which involve Business interests must be handled by the specialized Judges of the Malpractice Courts.

7) Cross-Training of Law Enforcement Officers. There is distinct lack of coordination between Law Enforcement agencies, entirely due to the desire to sequestor Assets and Busts. Congressional law could and should stipulate every federal Law enforcement officer must serve 3 months as a uniformed Police Officer with some Police force in the Country, plus 3 months with a State Investigation unit within their federal Probationary employment period, this Period to be extended to accomplish this End.

Again this Arthor finds too much material to be included in one Post. The final Three will have to wait for the future. lgl

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