Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Speaker Hastert

PGL at Angry Bear states some KLo asks if Dennis Hastert is a Socialist. This Author would like to embarrass the esteemed Speaker and note that he and I are distant Relatives, though We may never have met--One cannot tell precisely, as his parents moved from Our home town when We were both quite young. Word in the Family, though, states Dennis is somewhere to the Right of the antiChrist. Do not defame the poor Man's name!

The Statement was made in connection with Hastert's comment to Russert, to wit, that the Federal Trade Commission should be utilized in the battle to fight Price-gouging in Gas prices. I feel like KLo in this matter, though, thinking Dennis must have had a confused childhood like myself which carried over into the Present. Federal regulation has never cheapened anything, and never will. By the way, a close friend (defined by the Paranoid as an Enemy in disguise) informed me that a middle-aged Child was a ridiculous looking thing; it was so obviously wrong, being an ridiculous acting thing (I still have a couple Girlfriends that imagine I am cute).

This Author must act as an effective Counterweight in the Family, and state the only effective power ever exhibited by the Federal Government was the power to tax. The major ailment of both the Government and the Markets lie in the inadequate taxation on the part of the Government. Dennis and this Author both suffer the same Sins as the Government and Markets: We are overweight, eat too much, and do not properly exercise as they should. lgl

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