Friday, April 21, 2006

Strange Look at Retirement

Someone once asked this Author how he came up with Topics for this Blog?

The Answer was that I read until I thought of something to write about. What the Author came up with this time is unusual. The NaBE Survey noted continued shortage of skilled labor. The Survey also contradicted some of the Author's estimates that business Profit Margins were narrowing: 50% unchanged, 2:1 of the other 50% claiming Margins were growing rather than narrowing. The Author still thinks something is fishy about that, but Numbers always lie to him. Still, the Author needs to get back on Subject. A lot of factors seemed to blend in my head, and I decided to take an unusual stance on Retirement: What if Retirement was eliminated?

I can imagine the uproar that has suddenly struck all Readers. How can Anyone suggest the elimination of Retirement? The simple Solution is to hinge everything on medical disability, whether Mental or Physical. People work until their Employers' paid medical staff states that they cannot fulfill the function, the Employee's right to quit retained. A qualified Statement of Physical or Mental Disability automatically sends the Employee to a (available) Social Security office where he is medically examined by inhouse medical staff.

The Social Security offices, themselves, have been altered to drastic degree. They have basically became Employment offices based like unto private Employment agencies, where Employers call in labor needs of permanent or temporary nature as such needs appear. Individual laborers are guarranteed a certain number of hours of Work below a certain Age, and then a certain level of Income above this Age. Laborers must be available for Work below this Age, but are gurranteed full Pay at Local averaged Rates for the Area. Laborers above this Age do not have to be consistently available for Work, though they must be signed up for Social Security, and can call in as available for the Work force. All will be guaranteed an Income equivalent to 40 hours per Week at Minimum Wage.

What would this Program do? It would provide labor for American Jobs which are currently not be taken by Americans, because they do not offer a Living Wage. The Program would continue to provide Skilled Labor to the positions generated in the Economy. All Participation in the Program would be Voluntary, though the taxation to pay for it would not be. Skilled Labor now sitting among Retirees could earn added Income without threatening their Benefits under the Program. Labor over a certain Age would have the benefits of American lifestyle, given the Time to become Tourists throughout the World. Labor under a certain Age would be granted an Income only if they were willing to Work. lgl

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